In the spirit of Intern week we decided to take over the rest of the columns and give them that special awesome intern spin. This weeks WYRs are answered by intern Pat.

Would You Rather…

Never use the internet again or never watch TV again?
  • I'd give up TV. Wait, does that include channel 5?
Be stuck in an elevator for 24 hours after an important job interview, or miss the bus and never make it in the first place?
  • Jobs come and go, elevators last a lifetime.
Live in the Middle East for a year or central Harlem?
  • Does Iran have an Apollo Theater I can open mic at?
Be an unknown minor league baseball player or a famous professional badminton star?
  • Minor League Baseball Star: Just like Michael Jordan
Hook up with Becky from "Full House" or the mom from "Step by Step"?
  • Susanne Summers will always have that Patrick Duffy smell.
Be deaf and incredibly good-looking, or blind and the world's greatest musician?
  • A blind musician—that's a one in a million chance! Oh, there's two of them? Never mind.
Have an limitless supply of money but it'd have to all be in change or get 100,000 dollars every year for life?
  • The change: I really like rad mobile arcade.
One boob or three?
  • But I only have two hands!!!
Fart out of your mouth or urinate out of your tear ducts?
  • Wait, I thought everyone —- BRRRRRRRRT!!!
Finally, this week's winner of the best WYR and Pat's best response goes to this:

Live in the magical world of Harry Potter or the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings?
  • I'll be a virgin in either one, won't I?

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