"Full Screen" is a column featuring CollegeHumor video gate-keepers Jeff and Amir. They are the two dudes that decide which videos go up, and which ones get the axe. Interns Jason and Chris are discussing in this installment for intern week.

It's been almost a full month since Full Screen last hit. A lot has happened since then in the viral video world.

Jason: This could not be more true. Internet video is a fascinating thing. You never seem to know when you are going to hit a dry spell or when you will hit the world wide goldmine. Since our last Full Screen we have seen the highs and lows of the summer's web vids. Any real winners you care to talk about? Clearly we don't have the new Dramatic Chipmunk, but we have some other soon-to-be classics.

Chris: Well, music videos have been a hit, three of them entering the CollegeHumor 500-Like Hall of Fame since Amir and Jeff last spoke. Those three being the Die Hard Music Video, our Avril Parody, and the latest member, Read a Book.

Jason: Wow, Read a Book is up over 500? Yesterday it was at a mere 480. It is truly a classic, a modern anthem. However, watching all these videos left no time for me to go "read a motherf*ckin' book."

Chris: Yeah, there's even more. Walk It Out, Fosse and Ghost Ridin' Grandma are both riding 400+ likes and going strong. This clearly emphasizes a taste for rap music from the CollegeHumor audience.

Jason: I could not agree more. Ghost Ridin' Grandma was a HUGE hit.

Chris: I can't think of any other site that would appreciate an old woman ghost riding her whip more. And even Every Bassist Ever, Real Guitar Hero, and Classical Barbie Girl are performing well. Music is a big hit.

Jason: But alas, for every huge hit there is a huge dud. Inexplicabley , the Technobabble video failed to reach 60 likes. I think people were just not patient enough to watch through the entire thing. Wasn't this one your choice?

Chris: Yeah. I thought it had a fighting chance, but it didn't catch on. The words make absolutely no sense. Speaking of making no sense did you make sure to turn your speakers up when watching to Iron Soccer Ball? I thought it was a funny prank, but the chipmunk laughter eminating throughout – sometimes not even synching up with the falls – really pushed it into the creepy territory

Jason: And speaking of audio tracks, I think one of the big winners has to be "Legends of the Hidden Redub." This badass redub of the classic game show is nostalgic AND it makes me wonder what these kids are doing now. My freshman roomate was a contestant on LOTHT, we saw him on GAS once and never let him live it down.

Chris: You're kidding, right? Did he end up winning a trip to California, or did he go home with a Casio keyboard?

Jason: He got a Duncan Yo-Yo…LAME!

Chris: Should have studied harder for the steps of knowledge. So, any big videos we haven't hit yet?

Jason: I think the two big hit videos we haven't talked about are Dead Bird in Cereal and Chuck Storm. Now, there has been contoversy over both of these as both could be fake. However, even if they are (which I don't believe them to be) the reactions are so spot on that I give them props just for that.

Chris: I think that they're are fake. But whatever, the Viral Video Train rolls on! Any videos that underperformed in your opinion?

Jason: Jerry's Store-o-rama. Thought it would be huge. Nothin'. The people spoke bounds with their silence on this vid. You?

Chris: Other than Technobabble, nothing notable. The CollegeHumor audience's taste is my taste. Well, that sounds like a Full Screen wrap. We had a LOT to link to. Anything you'd like to see in the future? Our voices will be silenced until the end of eternity once Jeff and Amir return. Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Jason: I will leave with this tip to all the video makers out there: When making a 300 parody, you really want to stay focused on synching the "This is Sparta!!" line. That is really the money maker. Now, I have a flight to catch. I have a date with Vanna White at 8 and can't be late!