Nothing says "you are the best at being horrible" like winning a nation-wide Most Offensive Costume poll.

The competition was particularly fierce this year. We would like to express both sincere gratitude and legitimate disgust for everyone that entered.

It wasn't easy, but we've narrowed the field down to five catastrophically wonderful nominees. We were looking for costumes that not only offended, but also innovated the way a Halloween costume can violate basic moral values. Our very wise panel of judges selected costumes that everyone agreed were:

  • Difficult to wear in public.
  • Creative in their vulgarities.
  • Something that would cause an old person to complain.
  • We were offended by so many costumes, but only one can walk away with the coveted title of Most Offensive Costume. You'll get a chance to decide who at the end of this article! And the nominees are…


    John Mark Karr and Jon Benet Ramsey


    Generic Slave




    Steve Irwin & Stingray


    Columbine Alumni


    JFK & Jackie O.

    This poll is no longer active.

    voting ends November 8th at 8 AM