Boss: Well, I've given you guys a week, what ideas do you have for the cover of "Applied Mathematics 7th edition?"

Terry: Um, okay, I'll start. How about a roller coaster amidst a setting sun?

Boss: That's unbelievably stupid. It has nothing to do with math!

Terry: Sure it does. The roller coaster represents… I dunno, equations.

Boss: Stop wasting our time, Terry. We trusted you when you came up with Ferris wheel amidst a setting sun. Nobody got it then, and nobody's getting it now. Anybody else have any bright ideas?

Mary: My four year old did this pretty neat looking water color yesterday at school.

Boss: You know what you're problem is, Mary?! You're asian.

Mary: I'm half Philipino.

Boss: Now you're half FIRED. Leave. Please. Anybody else? Come on people. I called you in here because you were the best of the best!

Eli: Umm, I did this pretty sweet gradient thing on Photoshop last night. But if… you didn't like Mary's kid's thing you probably won't like mine. Hey, you shouldn't call people Asian like that.

Boss: Jesus Christ, did ANYBODY come up with a good idea!?

Leon raises his hand

Boss: Sorry, let me rephrase. Did anybody come up with a good idea that ISN'T just a hot air balloon?

Leon lowers his hand

TJ: Metallic ripple effect thing?

Boss: No.

Larry: Weird brass knob type thing?

Boss: No.

Jeff: The inside of a boat, maybe?

Boss: No. No! NO!!! A THOUSAND TIMES NO! You guys are all worthless!!!

David: …How about Abstract Bee Melting?

Boss: Wow…I love it! Congratulations everybody, you're all getting raises!

All: Yaaaayyyy!