In many ways, Halloween is a referendum on your pop culture knowledge. Did you recognize every Dave Chapelle character? Every obscure X-man? Every sexy everything?

In a few seconds, you'll get to vote on the best pop culture costume. We're not asking you to help decide who had the greatest or most expensive costume. While execution is important, for this contest we considered it secondary to concept. The most essential ingredient in a good pop culture costume is choosing something that everyone recognizes, but not everyone thought to dress up as. Alternatively, it could just be a new spin on an old favorite.

Yesterday, some of our e-polling computers had trouble with tabulating the results. If you are having difficulty getting the system to count your vote, please notify an attendant.

And the nominees are…


Foot Soldiers


Lego Men


Topless Tara Reid


Little People, Big World


Walter & Donny


40-Year Old Virgin

This poll is no longer active.

voting ends November 9th at 8 AM