You:Roll out of bed at noon.A Kid In India:Finishes making a bed in a factory at noon.

You:Blow off English class.A Kid In India:Blows his life savings on English class.

You:Catch some DVDs.A Kid In India:Catches some DVDs. Puts them in the back of his bike and transports them to the market, to be sold.

You:Go to swimming practice.A Kid In India:Washes his clothes in a river.

You:Call the friggin bank cuz you lost your credit card.A Kid In India:Fields customer service calls for an American bank.

You:Pound back a couple brews and some beef ribs at that BBQ joint.A Kid In India:Pounds back a couple grains of rice he found in the garbage.

You:Cry yourself to sleep because you've got no pussy since telling Suzanne you wanted to "play the field."A Kid In India:Starts making beds in a factory.