Back in my day, getting drunk with your boys wasn't initiation, it was a god given right called the after party. Pledging is work, and we're gonna make you work, least, that's what we used to do before the pussies took ever. Forcing someone to get drunk isn't punishment, it's a fucking vacation. I play edward 40 hands in my dreams and a shot of tequilla is like an upgrade to business class on hooters airlines. Anyways, i'm tired of all this belly aching about pledging, here are some oldies but goodies to give your initiation alittle back bone.

The "gauntlet" – Get the pledges drunk on pina coladas and so co. Then lure them like the pide piper into the basement with promises of stripers with phat tities and more pina coladas. Next, lock all the pledges in the basement with the biggest meanest bro you got (preferebly ex navy and girlfriendless, raging on ruffies and viagra). Everyhouse has one, ours was named MEAT and he was my roomate. Dude was so mean, we used to keep him in a steel cage under the pooltable during parent weekend. Anyways, it's important that you give him the only key to get out. Depending on the balls of your class it'll take anywhere between 30 min and a couple hours to sort this mess out, but the final effect should look something like the aftermath of Commando, either that or MEAT overdosed on the viagra and somebody got pregnant. "Do you trust me?" The fraternity is all about trust and brotherhood and nothing is more serious than death. Step 1. Force the pledges to take you out to a nice dinner and make them pay for it. Also, drinks are on them, and say that they can't have any. It's super important that you are wasted and they are bone dry sober. I'm talking your borderline black out and they wish they were you. Now, on the way home, your driving. Make sure it's someone elses car, and just be like "yeah, if you don't like it, fucking quit" chances are they won't. Before you start the car, very sternly look them all in the eyes and ask "do you trust me?" Then say "do you trust the frat?" Then proceed to turn on the car and melt that rubber. Maybe start off slow and drive 90 miles an hour, blind passing cars on a steep, jagged highway. Now could be a good time to test out how fast you can drive backwards. You could drive on the side of the road, on the grass giving people lawn jobs. Maybe you wanna try that ace ventura move and stick your head out the window. However you wanna do it, just make sure that if the ride there took 10 minutes, the ride home is gonna be more like 30. Trust me, they'll have a lot more respect for you when they realize how you cheated death.