It's that time of the week again. See if you can rationalize a decision for any of the following WYR's and don't forget you can send your best WYR's to me at

Would You Rather…

  • Have to punch a wall until your knuckle bones show or or put a toothpick in your big-toe nail and kick a door?
  • From Balkin

  • Feel like you're about to puke for the rest of your life or feel like you're about to have diarrhea for the rest of your life?
  • Have your girlfriend have two evenly-sized A-cup boobies or have one D and one B?
  • Michael D.

  • Have fully-functioning penises for fingers or fully-functioning vaginas for ears?
  • From Issac K.

  • Not have any friends or have your friends be able to read your thoughts at all times?
  • Be the best tricycle rider in the world or be able to accurately identify who farted anytime, anywhere.
  • Pee thumb tacks or poop rubix cubes?
  • From Andy T.

  • Not be able to grow pubic hair or have silky, straight pubic hair that you cannot cut?
  • Drink one gallon of curdled milk or one gallon of hard liquor?
  • From Jose N.

  • Have a trained pet bear or pet tiger?
  • Be forced to go on a month long heroin binge or month long crystal meth binge?
  • From Josh F.

    And my personal favorite of the week…

  • (After waking up naked on park bench with a sore ass,) Would you rather find no money in your wallet, or a hundred dollars more than you had the night before?
  • From Jeff R.

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