Poetry, poetry,
You're sly as a fox
Efforts to write you
Wind up on the rocks.
For you to be good
Your couplings must rhyme.
Your syllabic beats
Must all be in time

But why is it then
when studying you
The "best" poems out there
have nothing to do
With rhyming, timing
or making much sense?
They're all about "mood,"
emotions condensed.

So I ask you this,
What's so hard about
forming a sentence
with rhymes taken out?
Weird punctuation
and grammar forgot.
Seems pretty simple,
Let's give it a shot

Screaming eagles descend from the West
Chasing the sleep from my eyes.
BURN, they yell, BURN. Always burn. But there is you.
To my hair, rolls down my face…to YOU.
I wear what I will without
Twisting scenarios in my mind play out in REAL. TIME.
No, I say. WITHIN!

That sure was easy
it took little time.
Makes it much quicker
when it doesn't rhyme.
Poets remember
For your work to shine:
Writing is human
But rhyme is divine.

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