IntroductionIt was a pleasant evening in which a group of friends were attending an Atlanta Braves game. I can't recall the score nor the teams playing, but I can remember that the mix of atmosphere and people produced the most innovative insult in over ten years.

Chapter 1:The OriginOn the ride back from Atlanta back up to our respective houses in our respective towns, we saw a car drive past us that contained a less than desireable group of what looked to be sophomores in high school. They were quite rambunctious and twice as annoying. My tongue tied, I began to blurt out the first thing that came to my mind and with the help of my two friends (A Mr. Coby V. and a Mr. Dylan S.) fine-tuned my newly-found insulut into a new word. The word was chuckledouche. It was a simple word that provided us with non-stop laughs on the ride back. The girls with us (A Miss Emily R. and a Miss Dani Beth T.) found it fairly obnoxious and requested we stop using it. Unfettered, we kept using it, insisting upon them the genius it contained.

Chapter 2: The SpreadWord spread to our immediate circle of friends. It was well-liked and innovative: two of the three necessities for the spread of an idea. The third leg of course is a good sales team and obviously we had that as well. We had one big dilemma, however: geography. No matter how popular our word became, it would still only be localized in the greater Hall County area. That's when we went to another Braves game. Ted Williams once said, "Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer." It only took twice for us at a baseball game to become a success. We met up with a few people that reinforced our belief that chuckledouche worked on many levels. They spread the word to the Atlanta area and we were golden. It was the beginning of a revolution.

Chapter 3: The Final FrontierAfter enduring many months of mediocrity and a terrible Braves season, chuckledouche found new life. After meeting up with our Braves game friends again, we realized that the word we had created had yet to reach its full potential. We caught a break when Dylan was offered free tickets to a golf tournament by the popular Atlanta talk-radio show The Regular Guys. At said tournament, Dylan used the word and the two hosts Larry and Eric fell in love with it. A few days later, they uttered it on air, giving us the satisfaction we had sought after for a half of a year.

Conclusion: The FutureThere you have it. Chuckledouche is proof that people's dreams can come true and with a little creativity, one can coin his/her own word. Just remember, if you are walking down the street and you hear that now-famed word just remember, and be sure to let them know, that that word was created by a few young men with pockets full of gold and killer personalities. And those men encourage whoever reads this to use that word responsibly and without intent to rip us off. Thank you and and don't worry, you can thank us later.