Entourage wasn't one cohesive, 24 minute show this week. It was three separate eight-minute shows. We had the Turtle and Drama show, The Ari and Lloyd show, and The Vince, E and Walsh show. I would have put my money on the Drama and Turtle show being the most entertaining, but Ari and Lloyd had a strong showing and took home the win.

Lloyd and his boyfriend, Tom, broke up this week. Actually, Tom dumped Lloyd this week. Tom dumped Lloyd because Lloyd was cheating on him with the cute barista from the coffee shop. The scandal doesn't even stop there, Tom looks like a piece of gay jailbait. He sells athletic shoes at Finish Line, probably at a mall. I bet he's barely out of high school. Lloyd was in such anguish over the split that he had to take a leave of absence from work. Should I feel bad about enjoying Lloyd's emotional pain so much? I don't because he's so flamboyant and fun about it.

Ari seemed to share my sentiment at first. Then Lloyd left and he was paralyzed. He couldn't work without him. It seemed like a stretch to me that Ari couldn't take the time to handle his own phone calls, but he had enough time to drive to the mall to fix Lloyd's relationship. That's TV for you. I'm just happy that Lloyd is happy again. I can't help feeling sympathetic for him when he's upset, no matter how funny it is. He's like a puppy.

Best Lloyd-is-upset-related dialogue of the episode
  • Lloyd: "My life is over. Without Tom my life is empty, an empty vase."
  • Ari: (Upon Lloyd describing his depression as feeling gooky) "I'm not laughing, but gooky is funny."
Turtle and Drama's story this week was just OK. Drama has been pretty hilarious lately, so I'll let the writer's slide this week, it just better not happen again. Basic summary: Turtle's wacky uncle Ronnie (who might live in the same motel as Earl from My Name Is Earl) had a get-rich-quick scheme, he got Turtle and Drama to invest a lot of money into it, he backed out at the last minute and it failed. They bought a Sandy Koufax uniform on a tip that he was going to die. It turned out that he was in good health. It was pretty predictable, but I guess most get-rich-quick schemes are. Hopefully, Drama and Turtle will get more screen time next week.

I used to think that Vinny and E were the main characters of the show, but this week their story was the least compelling. E and Walsh aren't bickering anymore, but they still hate each other. E hates Walsh so much that he backed out of Lost in the Clouds. Vince and Walsh are going to do it without him. I hope this means less of Walsh in the future. I'm really bored with him. All he does is whine, complain and make a fuss about everything. He's like an infant.

If you were one of the people discussing the Medellin trailer leak last week in the comments, we were all wrong. Walsh's editor's girlfriend leaked it. They pulled a fast one on us. I knew it wasn't E.