I just got off the phone with one of my friends because it was too loud in the strip club for him to talk on the phone. Just to let you know, that's the kind of company i keep. It's 3:30 in the afternoon and my boy was out shoppig for ski boots and there happened to be a strip club next door. No big deal, it's a sunday. He figured why not go in and have a couple beers maybe a cigarette and enjoy some lovely ladies and a little dancing? Two of my other friends are currently on life sebaticle taking a 3 month vacation i.e. trans Euro-Asia adventure. A couple of weeks ago one of them was enrolled in a moutain top kung fu school ala kill bill, then they were eating rats in China, clubbing in Tibet, hanging out with yaks at Everest base camp, and now they're cruising some valley in Nepal on 4×4's. Again, you do the math. My other friend in San Francisco is debating whether he should move to a farm on St. Croix with a rastafarian family to spend his days living off the earth and smoking grass while waxing intellectual with his rastafarian life mentor. If that's not a highschool potheads wet dream than i don't know what is. I'll finish up on my Hollywood friend who is working as an agent by day and party boy blow fiend at night. Its funny, i used to think that this was my most "together" friend until i spoke with him about his plans for holloween. Apparently he thought it was a great idea to go as the dude from miami vice, and then eat a bunch of mesclan and swich into an indian costume halfway through the night.