You all know it as the number 2 internet site for college students across America. But how did Facebook come to be? Drugs, lies, sex, scandal, that guy pictures, politics, and deceit are the unseen truth of Facebook's upcoming. Find out what really happened on (insert dramatic music) E! True Hollywood Story: Facebook.

Facebook's talents were unknown by anyone. Being raised on the tough streets of Cambridge Massachusetts, Facebook had a tough upcoming. Addicted to cocaine, meth, heroin, prostitutes, and the band Ace of Base, Facebook had little chance of becoming a success. If it weren't for one man, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook may have never been discovered. In 2004, Zuckerberg saw the obvious skills of Facebook, and ran with something new. Starting off as entertainment for Harvard university, Facebook was the first way to stalk that cute girl with a tramp stamp in front of you in your econ class without having to look in through her dorm window from the tree.

Facebook started to gain support, but still had its vices of the past. Students loved posting pictures of their drinking habits in a place where their parents couldn't see. Drunken sorority girls could post on how hot they looked in their "Sexy nudist" or "Girl with Keg Taps for Nipples" Halloween outfits. Facebook was living the life.

Facebook started to gain support, but still had its vices of the past. Facebook was sleeping with up to several million women per night, all while high on crack, and clubbing a baby seal.

Zuckerberg spent thousands of dollars trying to get Facebook clean. After several months. Facebook stopped calling itself by its street name, Myspace, and ditched its addiction to prostitutes. Things were going well. Facebook was open to all students and teachers of all colleges, and it was 16 months clean and sober.

Then a bombshell was dropped.

Facebook, after its promiscuous early years, was diagnosed with AIDs. The source of the disease was tracked to a Porn spammer when Facebook was still known as Myspace. She was recently deleted.

Facebook has now been clean for 2 years, but the damage is already done. In Facebook's last days, it has been trying to be a humanitarian. Facebook is now open to the general public, and Zuckerberg will likely create a cheaper knockoff to keep the spirit of Facebook alive forever.