I don't have any brothers, and for that reason and the fact that I was infected with a major case of the Cooties up until age 16, I think I missed basic training and went straight to the Cosmo Man-ual when it comes to well known tidbits about boys. The fact that I am honest to goodness clueless about these questions makes it even more urgent that they are answered, like, YESTERDAY.

Here is a question I was thinking about just now:

At what age do little boys decide it is no longer acceptable to wear matching, printed pajamas? Do you wake up one day and realize that jams with dump trucks on them are just not okay? Did you get laughed and pointed at at a sleepover by boys wearing boxers and t-shirts? Did your dad tell you to take off the sleepwear if you wanted to be a "real man"?

And when you did decide they were not okay, did you discard both the top and bottom at once, or was it the top first, then slowly the bottom went? Or vice versa?

I am embarrassed by my lack of knowledge. Answer me, oh penis wielding members of society!