If you are shooting a movie with "2," "TWO," "II," or any other possible variation of creative licensing which constitutes a sequel, but you have NO A-list actor or even a single recurring character from the original film… STOP. Just stop shooting now. "The Butterfly Effect 2?" "Behind Enemy Lines 2?" Stop making these God-awful straight-to-DVD releases that tarnish whatever miniscule trace of a good name was created by the original cast and crew that was at least talented enough to help create a film that underage kids were forced to sneak into a theater to see. Most slightly intelligent people reserve their movie critic-like judgments of "Oooh, that looks good" for movies that feature, at the very least, a fart joke or million dollar CGI explosion. Your "Make it a Blockbuster Night"-quality "Get It At Target Today" movies belong in the bottom of a 99 cent bin at a garage sale. Which is coincidentally exactly where your movie, as well as your reputation, will end up by Christmas.