“Mandy, these two months at camp felt like a fantasy – our instant bond, the passion we felt for each other… your warm skin against mine for the first time, here on this dock by the lake. To be here with you, the sun setting in an orange glow, staring into your hazel eyes… We’ll know that while we can’t be together, we shared a beautiful spark and affected each other’s lives forever. Now we’ll return to our separate lives, the bittersweet taste of finality on our once-entwined tongues. Goodbye, Mandy… Goodbye.”

“Mandy, is that you? That’s so weird, to see you on the street like this. Oh, you have an internship around here. Yeah, I was just heading over to that Wendy’s. I honestly didn’t think we’d – you know, so many nights I’ve gazed at the sky, wondering if we were looking at the same star. And now, after this bittersweet chance encounter, we’ll return to our separate lives forever – thanking fate for letting us taste each other’s presence one last time. Goodbye, Mandy… Goodbye. Oh, you’re going to Wendy’s? No, I’ll go somewhere else. I want to remember us in this moment, here on the street in the rain… just like this… forever.”

“Could you press “4th floor,” please? Wait… Mandy? Whoa. You’re staying at this hotel too? Yeah, I’m here with… Mom, Dad, this is the girl I told you about. Well, this is our floor – my dad loves the breakfast buffet here, how about yours? Oh, you’re here on Spring Break. I’m visiting my grandparents – Grams has lupus. I can’t believe that fate would throw us together into this perfect moment. We’ll always have this bittersweet final image, looking into each other’s eyes as the elevator door clo – well, don’t hold it open. You’ll always be a part of me. Goodbye, Mandy… Goodb – let the door close. Just let it close. And now we part, forever. Could someone in there press ‘Door Close’?”

“Do you know if there’s another local DMV with a shorter line that I could – Mandy? Wow, who would have thought that – hey, who’s your friend? Oh, “boyfriend.” Well, hi, Jason. I’m sure Mandy told you about – no? When we parted, it was straight out of a storybook. So, we probably have another couple of hours on this line. Crazy. You know what’s really underrated at Wendy’s, is the chili.”