Mr. Maloney: Holy mackeral, Sue. Do you see Wendall Blatt over there?
Mrs. Maloney: In the window of that tiny house on the corner?
Mr. Maloney: That house looks small, but it actually has two bedrooms in the attic and the basement is completely finished and has a foosball table and a pinball machine! Plus, Wendall's dad has a really cool apartment in town.
Mrs. Maloney: Of course, I should have realized.
Mr. Maloney: Oh and his parents AREN'T divorced if that's what you're thinking. They're separated and that's not the same thing.
Mrs. Maloney: I know that.
Mr. Maloney: Anyway, that's beside the point. Look at those punches. He's lightning fast!
Mrs. Maloney: Whoa, you are right dear. Holy cow was that a roundhouse kick?!
Mr. Maloney: It was. A devastating roundhouse kick. That move is really great because it looked like Wendall fell down afterwards but he was just going into a tuck and roll move.
Mrs. Maloney: Obviously. Wow, who do you think Wendall is going to use these incredible moves on?
Mr. Maloney: Who knows? Dragons, Evil warlocks, Randy Johnston.
Mrs. Maloney: That kid is so jealous.
Mr. Maloney: Yes.
Mrs. Maloney: Doesn't Wendell date that cute little Cynthia girl from down the street?
Mr. Maloney: They don't technically date but everyone knows she's so into him.
Mrs. Maloney: Because he's smart? Or is it because he's so good at fighting?
Mr. Maloney: Probably both.

Mrs. Blatt exits the house and gets into her car.

Mrs. Maloney: Oh dear, you don't think Wendall's mom is going on another date do you?
Mr. Maloney: No way