Daily Show Fan: Hey man, how's it going?Colbert Report Fan: It's goin good, yourself? Daily Show Fan: I'm doin just fine" especially after last week.Colbert Report Fan: What's that supposed to mean?Daily Show Fan: Oh, nothing" just that REPUBLICAN DOMINATION OF CONGRESS IS OVER!Colbert Report Fan: Alrite man, seriously, low blow. Democrats are all just liberal gay marriage-istas. They don't care about freedom.Daily Show Fan: What the hell are you talking about? It's the Republicans who are screwing up our country. They fight unnecessary wars and are all child molesters.Colbert Report Fan: Ok man, that was just one of them. And he never actually did anything with those kids. And as for unnecessary wars, are you saying that you'd rather Sadaam still be in power? Are you saying that you hate America?Daily Show Fan: Whoa whoa whoa, I said nothing of the sort. Bush just led us into a war based on faulty intelligence. We're just there for oil. Bush was all (crouches down), "Heh heh heh, gotta, gotta secure Iraq. My daddy told me so. Heh heh heh."Colbert Report Fan: Ok, first of all, that's gotta be the worst Bush impression ever. And secondofly—Daily Show Fan: Heh heh heh.Colbert Report Fan: STOP IT! Ok, look, if you're gonna go on bashing our government, then you're just opening the door for every terrorist-loving, freedom-hating, liberal spendocrat who wants to tear down our country's values. And I for one sir will not have that. I am just trying to defend America!Daily Show Fan: No you're not, you're just trying to push your agenda on people and you marginalize anyone who doesn't fall into line. I'm sorry, but that just isn't how our country should go!Colbert Report Fan: Well, I do accept your apology, but—Daily Show Fan: I didn't apologize—Colbert Report Fan: BUT! I am going to have to put you On Notice.Daily Show Fan: " what does that even mean?Colbert Report Fan: Don't question it! All right, there ya go, right between "Grizzly Bears" and "Barbara Streisand."Daily Show Fan: You have your own On Notice board?Colbert Report Fan: Well, yea, of course.Daily Show Fan: You do realize that Stephen Colbert is just doing a satire of far-right political pundits like Bill O'Reilly and Neil Cavuto, right?Colbert Report Fan: " you can't be serious" Daily Show Fan: Um, yea. It's all a big joke to show how far off these guys can get.Colbert Report Fan: " Daily Show Fan: Well?Colbert Report Fan: Sigh Daily Show Fan: Oh, come on. Cheer up big guy. Hey, you wanna go argue with some Mind of Mencia fans? Hmmm? Would that make you feel better.Colbert Report Fan: Sniff Yea, I guess.