It's that time of the week again. See if you can rationalize a decision for any of the following WYR's and don't forget you can send your best WYR's to me at

Would You Rather…

  • Be castrated or never have sex again?
  • From David

  • Be a minor character on Lost or a major character on Yes, Dear?
  • Have a needle inserted into your eyeball or have a bowling ball inserted into your anus?
  • From Andrew

  • Have to listen to one song nonstop, over and over again for the rest of your life or be deaf?
  • Get herpes from Jessica Alba or genital warts from Lindsay Lohan?
  • From Chris

  • Have no fingernails or no eyebrows?
  • Own the best team in the NHL or the worst team in the NBA?
  • From Richard

  • Be a mermaid or a fairy princess?
  • Have a Bud Light bottle stuck up your ass or a Miller Lite bottle stuck up your ass?
  • From Jeff

    And my personal favorite of the week comes from a young man named Andrew…

  • Would you rather have sex with someone who has had 300 previous partners or have sex with someone who had sex with one animal?
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