Some of yall out there are studying some random ass stuff. So I'm asking yall to Justify Your Major. First up, Randall Blevins, a Jazz Performance Major

LUKAS: So Randall, justify your major.

RANDALL: Cool, my man. So we all must agree, society's pretty crazy these days, yeah?

LUKAS: Uhm…sort of, I guess…

RANDALL: Just agree, my man…for the sake of the argument.

LUKAS: Gotcha. Society's screwed up.

RANDALL: Right. And so we need culture to make us feel better. That's where Jazz Performance comes in.

LUKAS: But jazz doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel like I'm at the dentist.

RANDALL: Well, you're just not cultured, my man.

LUKAS: I'm not?

RANDALL: I mean…you don't like jazz, man.

LUKAS: Sure don't!

Looks like Randall failed to justify his major. Will you have more luck? Hit me up at and see if you can JUSTIFY YOUR MAJOR!!