As much as guys can go crazy sometimes, make irrational decisions and react in inappropriate ways, we all know Girl-Logic is often comparable to that of nap-less toddler.

The following are some examples so you can begin to gauge the responses your precious little vag-on-legs will give you:

Situation: Meet a girl, chat her up, eventually make out, refuse to go home with her for valid reasons (read Streeter Seidell's "My Super Ex-Girlfriend")Girl Logic: "This is the greatest offense anyone could possibly make against me. They will PAY."Response: She slaps you across the face, then storms off indignantly.

Situation: You're sitting quietly next to her, typing on your laptop, doing homework.Girl Logic: " too quiet. Why aren't they complimenting my hair? Why aren't they worshipping me? Why aren't they praising my existence? Why am I with such a manipulative asshole?"Response: She, out of nowhere, screams "DO YOU WANT TO FUCK (Insert name of other girl you're friends with)? You do, don't you." She storms off indignantly as you stare in shock.

Situation: You really like a girl, but you're frustrated that you only see her about twice a month. You inform her of this in a calm, collected manner.Girl Logic: "This is bullshit. Obviously, this person is going to hurt me and I will take a pre-emptive strike."Response: She fucks her ex.

Situation: You lose interest in a girl, and slowly cut off communication to let her know this.Girl Logic: "Oh that tricky little devil, they're playing hard to get! I better keep pursuing, because obviously that's what they really want."Response: She calls every 10 minutes. Texts every 7. She leaves messages such as, "So…just wanted to say..hey..and wanted to know if you wanted to hang out..or whatever. I just want to be near you again. I just want to touch your face. Call me."