Are you being forced to be the only one to stay in the dorms over Thanksgiving because your parents don't love you enough to pay for a plane ride home? Don't let that deter you from still living the college lifestyle bro! Here are some ways to drink by yourself without feeling like you're drinking by yourself:

Staring Game

By now, being in college surrounded by scantily-clad females has finely tuned your staring skills. Combine your amateur stalking skills with your drinking skills and you have the recipe for becoming the ultimate college student alive. All you need is a mirror, or, failing that, a highly reflective surface. Next, stare directly into your reflected self's eyes, and whenever he, or should I say, you (or is it he? Tackle that one, Hawking) blink, take a drink! The beauty of this game is that every time you blink, you both win and lose, so it's a wash! No one can call you a loser anymore! Well" they can, but not with respect to this game. " Yea, they still probably could.

Beer PongUse this time to hone your pong skills to wow all your friends after they get back from enjoying time with their friends and family and eating some home-cooked meals. They'll be so impressed that they'll forget how delicious the stuffing was. To save the time and energy from having to pick up the ball, set up the table right against a wall. And if the ball goes off the wall and into a cup? That's TWO cups bro! The only problem with this game is that your stuffed animals can't be impressed with your trash talk after three send-it-backs.

Movie QuotesIf you find yourself wanting to relax, just pop in your favorite movie and pretend you're on a game show where you try to quote as many lines as you can. If you mess up, YUP! You guessed it! DRINK! "No, I'm sorry Jimmy, that was the "'Annexation of Puerto Rico', not Costa Rica." Dumbass.

Mastur-beerLet's face it: You have the whole week alone, so besides eating, sleeping, and drinking, you're gonna do a lot of beating off. And boy do I mean a lot. Well, you can use this to your advantage by making it a drinking game as well! Every time you whack it, drink a beer with the non-sinful hand (or the same one if you're that talented) for the duration of the session. You don't even need to look at quality porn, because the chicks will look better as time goes on anyways! Score!

Power 48 HoursA new take on the classic "Power Hour." Simply take a shot of beer every minute for 48 hours. If that seems too daunting a task, simply take a shot of beer every minute for an hour 48 times in a row, or until you fall into an alcohol-induced coma. If you find that you have run out of beer but still need to quench your alcoholic thirst, just put an empty cup under your eyes to collect your tears. Drinking them will not only provide you with comfort, but, by this time, they're probably at least 40 proof. Cheers.