It's that time of the week again, the time when we post the stupidest questions you heard in class. If you send in the absolute stupidest, you get a free Big Shocker. It's that simple.

5. Trinity University, San Antonio, TXSubmitted by Brett.

During Civil Rights classProfessor: She was Hispanic, so she joined the Farm Workers Association.Bro: Wait, she was Hispanic? It thought that she was Mexican…

4. Forsyth Technical Community College, Winston-Salem, NCSubmitted by David

After studying a famous Renaissance painting in Art classProfessor: What are the characters in the painting looking at?Genius Girl: The camera?

3. LSU, Baton Rouge, LASubmitted by Luke

Professor: Half of the people that ever existed are alive today.Complete Moron: But doesn't that depend on who you consider a 'human being'?stunned silence

2. Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PASubmitted by Eric

In an Advanced bio classProfessor: Plants will actually grow towards sunlightApparently Advanced Student: Wait…plants have brains?

And for the win…

1. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IndianaSubmitted by Amanda

Professor: So when talking to older adults, we use simple words, talk in ahigher pitch, and tend to be patronizing. Who else do we do this to?pauseVocal Racist: Latinos?

Congrats on winning yourself a Big Shocker, Amanda. And for any of you interested in winning one of your own, send us the stupidest question you've heard in class to CHStupidQuestions and remember to include your school or we won't be able to use it.