Just answer the questions below to see if it's time to start searching for quarters for the laundry machine, or if you can get another week out of those boxer-briefs!

What color are your socks?
As white as the day that I bought them (0 points)
Black (1 point)
Were white, now yellowy (2 points)
Were white, now argyle (3 points)

Be honest, when is the last time you've done laundry?
This morning (0 points)
Monday(1 points)
June-ish (2 points)
Inconclusive (3 points)

With respect to underwear, you are:
Wearing it correctly (0 points)
Wearing it inside out, trying to eek another day out of your limited supply (1 point)
Wearing it correctly again, but backwards. That's clean again, right? (2 points)
Researching the possibility that underwear has a third side nobody has discovered yet (3 points)

When you hear the word "laundered," you think:
Clothes (0 points)
Money (1 point)
Something else (2 points)
I can't think of anything (3 points)

You are going out to a party and want to look nice. For a shirt, you wear:
A collared shirt (0 points)
A t-shirt for your high school fund raiser (1 point)
A t-shirt from your middle school fund raiser (2 points)
A towel (3 points)

How do you determine if your clothes are clean enough to wear?
If I've worn them before, they're dirty (0 points)
Smell test (1 point)
A quick visual check (2 points)
They're clean enough (3 points)

How do dogs react to your pants?
Indifferent (0 points)
Dogs are curious about my pants, but lose interest quickly. Sometimes they hump my pants (1 point)
Dogs can't stop licking my pants, they must taste like bologna (2 points)
Dogs cower and whimper at the scent of my pants. They growl if my pants approach them (3 points)

You've been wearing the same "Papa Roach" T-shirt so often, your friends are beginning to think that:
I'm obssessed with the band (0 points)
I know the band (1 point)
I'm in the band (2 points)
I like the band (3 points)