Teacher, O Teacher I'd like to bone,
Why won't you answer your telephone?
I call all day,
I call all night
Did my midnight visit give you a fright?

With your luscious lips and nice tight ass,
It's a joy being in your English class,
Maybe it's love,
Or maybe it's lust,
Either way fondle your boobies I must.

Teacher, O teacher, our love knows no border,
Despite what you wrote in the restraining order,
I see you have a boyfriend,
A big guy named Fred,
When I find where he lives, he's dead, Dead, DEAD!

Teacher, O teacher my time is nigh,
Without you in my life I can only cry,
The doctors all say,
I've got a screw loose
But I've never felt better, even with my head in this noose.

I'll see you someday, of this I am sure,
I'm sick with love, and you are the cure.
is ours to share,
I've stuffed my mouth with your underwear.

Teacher, O teacher, my vision is dim,
I see only darkness, I can't feel my limbs
I love you, I love you!
Know this to be true,
Now at death's door, I can't wait to go through.

I'll watch you in class, in the gym, in the shower,
Because as of now, I have ghostly powers.
Teacher, O teacher,
Our love only grows,
Except now I don't have a wang,
Well, can't have it all I suppose.