okay, I joined this site so I could post a comment to your fucking retarded little post above…I'm a female.."I DON'T watch Grey's Anatomy of any of the other shows I know some girls do become obsessed with." I'm desperately trying to be unique and consequently am perpetuating a stereotype at the cost of my fellow women.

"I DEFINITELY don't bake cookies for my bf, we make food together or for each other" He/She's pussywhipped. He bakes cookies; I pour a glass of milk.

"NOT all girls have PMS but theres such a thing as PMS for guys too and I think you were having yours when you wrote that sexist whatever you want to call it cuz it sure wasn't worth my time to read it." I'm functionally retarded and learned Anatomy from the back of a pack of ketchup.

"A man who acts like a boy shouldn't be writing something for girls because"there hasn't been anyhting for women on here" well in that case it shouldnt be something dumb. I thought I was actually gonna read something good. I cannot grasp the concept of irony.

I like some of the things on the site that can be considered "geared towards guys." That doesnt offend me. But when you want to say…oh lets make one for girls…but then its stupid and stereotypical and sexist…that shit isn't cool.I yell at little girls for carrying dolls and having vaginas, how stereotypical of them.

I know..its just one dumb thing that you wrote to be "funny"…this isn't a site to be taken seriously…but I just wanted to share my opinion. And no…I don't only know how to shop. I also know how to castrate a man with a wooden spoon.

It's very likely that I am more intelligent than you and 95% of the fuckers on this site. Book smart…yeah. I'm defintely on the Dean's list EVERY semester and this is my third year in college. I'm compensating for my deep seeded insecurity and must make it clear that I am better than you. You should consequently realize that what I say is always correct. I don't have to wipe my butt when I poop. I invented the internet. The sun came to be because I desired it to be so.

I know you don't care…and I really could give a shit less that you do. But I just wanted to represent the beautiful, intelligent, and independent women on this site who would be offended by your stereotypical and sexist comments. I hope you never reproduce so it makes one less asshole out there that would grow up to be close minded and ignorant just like you. I'm awesome. Appreciate me. On the seventh post, I rested.