While this Saturday should provide tons of excitement for Michigan and Ohio State fans, why should they be the only ones having fun? For those of you with little to no interest in the big game, why not play our Michigan/Ohio State drinking game? Because the only thing more fun than your team beating its rival school, is being drunk before night time.

Just follow the guide below, and you'll be having more fun than Jim Tressel at a sweatervest convention.

Take one sip everytime… A team scores a touchdown or field goal.

Take two sips everytime… A team scores a safety or a two point conversion.

Take three sips everytime… They show a classic moment from a previous OSU/Michigan game.

Take one sip everytime… Somebody calls it "The greatest rivalry in sports."

Take two sips everytime… A Michigan fan incorrectly exclaims that his team is "number one!"

Take one sip everytime… A closeup of an OSU fan yelling "Not in our house!" is shown.

Take one sip for everytime… they show a really cheesy commercial for Ohio State University or University of Michigan. "Where The Future of America Learns… Today!"

Take one sip everytime… Woody Hayes is mentioned.

Take three sips everytime… They come back to commercial showing a local food from Ohio. And the announcers mention they had one last night and loved it.

Take one sip for every… fog machine used in the opening montage.

Take two sips for everytime… they show the "Man, put down my papaya!" commercial.

Take two sips everytime… A famous alumni is shown.

Take three sips… if that alumni is Matthew Mcconaughey for no reason.

Take five sips… if he says "Texas? What? No, I was never a Texas fan. GO BUCKEYES!!!"

Take one sip for everytime… Chad Henne looks terrified.

Take two sips everytime… Brent Musburger says 'Folks' or 'Partner.'

Take three sips if… Eddie George is seen roaming the Ohio State sidelines crying.

Finish your beer if… Rutgers somehow manages to win the game.