Wow, how about that game!? Pretty ridiculous. It's hard to live up to that kind of hype, but I believe I'm not alone when I say, that Connecticut v. Syracuse battle was an instant classic! Here's the rest:

1. Ohio State – Buckeyes prove once and for all, you don't need an intimidating mascott to be the best team in the nation. Even a happy looking chestnut thing will do.

2. Michigan – Well, turns you were wrong Michigan fans. You're not #1. Quit holding up that index finger. And while you're at it, quit barking for a rematch. That's not how it works in football. You had your chance, and you blew it. There is no close enough, and if there were, you weren't it. Close enough is losing on a last second field goal. Close enough is leading the whole way and losing it at the end. Close enough is not playing catch up against the clock, and there are no onside kicks in close enough. And what, you think if you got another shot and actually won, that would be fair to Ohio State? You guys would be 1-1 and Michigan would be the national champs? There is no "double or nothing" when it comes to the BCS. Why don't we just see if somebody else can beat the Buckeyes? And hey, the Rose Bowl isn't a bad consellation prize, I know tons of schools that would kill to be in the Rose Bowl. (Go Bears…)

3. USC – Pete Carroll said he doesn't care about the BCS championship game, he just wants to win football games. When asked why he wants to win football games he said, "Ummm , just 'cuz, okay? Leave me alone!"

4. Florida – Florida had its rivalry week game on Saturday against hated southeastern foe Western Carolina. A rivalry as old as time itself. I hate those damn… Wildcats? Maybe?

5. Notre Dame – Fighting Irish fans cannot draw up a scenario in which Notre Dame plays Ohio State. At least one that doesn't involve a time machine. Although… they are doing cool things with time machines nowadays…

6. Arkansas – The better Arkansas plays the better USC looks for beating them, thus decreasing their chances at the title game. Did you know the B in BCS stood for Paradox?

7. West Virginia – When your quarterback passes and rushes for over two hundred yards, and your rb rushes and receives for more than 100 yards and four touchdowns you're not gonna lose a whole lot of games. Why didn't they just do that against Louisville!?

8. Wisconsin – Badgers beat every team they played except for Michigan. And you don't hear them begging for a rematch, do you??

9. Cincinnati – Bearcats had to play Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Louisville, West Virginia and Rutgers, and you know what? They still have a winning record. I don't care what you say, that makes them the ninth best team in the country. The numbers don't lie, people.

10. LSU – The most exciting rivalry game this week had the least amount of potential going in. I think the main problem was that LSU didn't throw away the record books, as everybody advised them to do.

11. Boise State – Broncos extend their home winning streak to 859 games this week, and nobody continues to care.

12.Auburn – A close game for the Tigers, but I think the moment of the day came when the Associated Press printed this awesome sentence "My last name is Irons, and this is the Iron Bowl," said Irons, who was struck in the face by a plastic water bottle thrown from the stands after the game. "I'll have that forever." Fantastic.

13.Texas – Longhorns had a bye week to really let the loss against Kansas State marinade. Yup, still dissappointing!

14.Rutgers – Scarlet Knights have now experienced everything, including a team rushing the field when they beat them. That's respect… and a goalpost. Watch out!

15. Oklahoma – You think people sing the name of Sooner WR Joe Jon Finley to the tune of MoTown Philly by BoyzIIMen? Because I do. All the time. Not too hard, not too soft.

16.Georgia Tech – Playing Duke must be so fun. It's a great little pick me up for struggling teams. 17.Virginia Tech – Watching the Tech/Wake game I couldn't help but notice Hokies linebacker Xavier Adibi is a "Apparel, Housing,and Resource Management Major." I mean, I love fake football player majors as much as the next guy, but this is a little ridiculous. 18.Boston College – Boston College/Wake/Virginia Tech are stuck in one of those bermuda triangles in which every team is a winner and a loser, thus messing up anybody's chances at a major bowl. (See also: West Virginia/Rutgers/Louisville) 19.California – As a Cal alum, I just want to go on record as demanding a rematch. We can totally beat USC on a neutral turf. Say… Poland? 20. Tennessee – Volunteers snap a two game losing streak by beating Vanderbilt 38-10. Moving on. 21. Wake Forest – Oh, well. You had a good run. If only the Orange Bowl had an NIT type tournament, you guys would be sitting pretty! 22. Nebraska – Is Nebraska the best three loss team in the nation? The problem is, nobody cares enough to find an answer… 23. Louisville – Louisville destroyed South Florida this week but I'd like to see what they can do if they played a powerhouse like Johns Hopkins. Unfortunately, we'll never know. 24. Clemson – You gotta love bye weeks a week before the season ends. "You guys look tired, we'll give you a week off to relax and unwind. But you better come back rested and ready to play the last four quarters of the season!" 25. Penn State – Who said Penn State wouldn't be ranked by the end of the year? You guys are all crazy. WE ARE! LAST PLACE!