The retail price across the nation for a 60 GB PS3 is $599. For the same money one could fund a small wedding ceremony and reception. Let's see which is a better investment.

PS3::Small Wedding Ceremony/New Wife

Guarantees hours upon hours of fun for you, your friends, and your family (if you are crazy enough to put the controller down and actually let them play. I personally had a toilet installed in my couch so I could avoid taking bathroom breaks)::Guarantees hours of mixed emotions for you, your friends, and your family

Plays most PS2 and PS1 games::Probably won't be attended by your first two wives

Comes with built in Wi-Fi::Comes with built in titties

Lets you play MP3s, look at photos, and watch Blu-ray DVDs::Has an Ipod attached to computer speakers instead of a DJ

Doesn't come with component cables for Hi-Def, or a remote control for the DVD player::Doesn't come with a live band or open bar.

Requires waiting in line for 18 hours::Requires planning as far as a year in advanced

Comes with easy instructions to swap out harddrives::Comes with lifelong commitment to your high school sweetheart that you accidentally knocked up last spring break.

Comes with free online play::Comes with your waste of space brother and his date, Charlene, whom everyone is pretty sure is just a hooker. Oh yeah, her pimp got an invite as well.

Doesn't come with rumble controllers seen in previous generations::Doesn't come with a cake, instead everyone gets Wedding Muffins. (//

All things considered, I'd say PS3 is probably the way to go. Less loading time, better graphics, and no one can resist a Blu-ray DVD player, even though no one knows what Blu-Ray is, or where the hell the "e" went. I'd say splurge on PS3 now, and tell your pregnant fiancé that you want a real wedding with a live band, and an open bar. She's just going to have to wait.