That package, that crunch, unmistakable smell,

It calls to me like Pavlov’s bell,

The price, the taste, I can’t decide,

What makes me want you by my side,

But what I do know about you now,

Is that your creator should take a bow,

For your many flavors could not be,

Any more T-A-S-ty,

Beef and chicken, shrimp and pork,

Oriental with a fork,

Small silver packets shine and shine,

Their purpose in life: to blow my mind,

Lots of water, cooked or dry,

I don’t care, just let me try,

You move me much more than a snack,

You are a meal, you are my crack,

Addictive and cheap, I just can’t quit,

I can’t help myself, not one damn bit,

One pack, two pack, three pack, four,

I just keep wanting more and more,

But the more flav’red seasoning I see melt,

I have to add a hole in my belt,

And the more holes my belt accrues,

The more second dates I will lose,

So Ramen noodles, I bid you adieu,

Because there’s some things you can’t do.