I understand that majority of the information on this is not truly factual information, but as a student at one of the colleges in the top 25 of your top party colleges list I'm insulted. I am now in my 4th year , and yes there has been some fun times,but no more than any other school in the area or ones I have visited.I am curious on how you all came up with your rankings system,because for a school that I know for a fact causes many people to stress and study for many hours on end its hard to believe it is any more a party school then other major universities. I would like to point out a few facts that indeed make it hard for it to be in the top 25 let alone the first Texas school mentioned in this ranking. First, the school is made up of at least 15% non-traditional students, and of the traditional students many who work 20 hours a week plus go to school full time. Not saying that many schools do not have those same statistics but its part of why our school should not be considered. Also, our school is located in a town that has a bar curfew of midnight, and has a very small greek life. Now these may not be hard facts but this along with personal experience on many other campuses and knowing people from schools across the country it is hard for me to believe a school with these statistics outranks other schools even schools within the area, like Ut-Austin where there students live on 6th street in down town, live for drinking at tailgate parties and have a huge greek life. Basically I just wanted to defend my school in saying these things along with asking how in fact Texas State could possibly be in the top 25, because all signs point in the other direction. I just ask that before making such accusations of a school filled with very hardworking and studious students that you look more closely at your facts.