Pick up the phone and beg mom to FedEx this stuff immediately. Here's the stuff you forgot at home this break:

  • Cell phone charger Your new catchphrase: "I'll have my phone on from 5 until 5:15, so if you need to talk call then. Gotta save battery." Classic!
  • High school sweetheart By "'together forever' you meant "'together until I bone another chick.'
  • Forget-Me-Nots Oh, the irony
  • Roofies Guess you'll have to rely on your wit and good looks to get girls now" better stock up on Vaseline, champ.
  • DVD you totally told your buddies you'd bring back It won't be pleasant breaking the news to them that you'll just have to watch Old School again.
  • All your textbooks You don't really need the book to study for your history final. That shit all already happened anyway.
  • The antidote Oh shit"