[picture:1726957:large:$20 says he kicks puppies too]

As I type this update, this is the number one video on CollegeHumor. Everyone's talking about that "crazy bitch" that yelled OHIO STATE!! into the Fox News camera. Few people seem to be talking about the violent 1.5 second confrontation that took place between the Fox News anchor and the "crazy bitch." That poor, drunk, "crazy bitch" got pushed like a Chinese protester. This (and the fact they are owned by Satan himself) is why I hate Fox News. I guess no one bothered telling that "crazy bitch" that she could have that savage, woman pushing anchor arrested for assault. Now I'm no fan of petty pushes and shoves being prosecuted like massacres, but this is Fox News. The look on the guys face says it all.

Look on his face = I beat my wife and kick puppies, don't fuck with me!