Priorities and responsibilities change drastically when we grow up. Here's a look at some classic kid games and what they turn into when we get older.

Drunk: As an adult, how often do you actually have to piece together the details of a murder? In this revamped version of the classic game "Clue," instead of solving a mysterious murder, players must piece together the details of the previous night's drunken activities. Did you screw Miss Scarlett with a condom on in the utility closet? Perhaps, after he called you a failure, you hit Professor Plum with a desk lamp in the library. Maybe you pleasured Miss Peacock with your finger in her ass. Have fun with your friends trying to sort out the twisted details because, chances are, you'll really have to solve these kinds of mysteries soon, you big party animal, you.

Spouse Trap: Do you wonder why your spouse stays out so late? Curious about the sniff of foreign cologne or the spot of lipstick on a collar? Here's your chance to practice both catching the lying son of a bitch once and for all, as well as avoiding detection. Set traps, build alibis, and enjoy countless hours of lying, cheating, and weeping.

(How many times do I fuckin' have to say I'm) Sorry!: Relationships are about trust, and when that trust is broken, things between two people can break down. That's why you'll forever apologize for your one moment of weakness when you hooked up with your secretary or accidentally left your son in the car with the windows rolled up. And guess what? Most likely, no amount of apologies will ever be enough to win back your lover's trust, but this game will at least let you practice.

Hungry, Hungry Kiddos: Being a kid was great when all you had to worry about was feeding some Hungry, Hungry Hippos. But now that you're the parent of two, you have to feed your own children and trust me, unless you're looking to end their misery with some rat poison, white pellets just aren't going to satisfy them. In this game, you'll find new variations on grilled cheese, chicken fingers, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to keep those little bastards satisfied, only to have them complain of being hungry again in a few hours. The best part of the game? It lasts until your kids are 18, when you officially don't have to worry about them anymore.

Operation (2006 Edition): Remember playing this classic game as a kid? Did you get so good you thought you could easily be a surgeon? In the adult version, instead of performing the surgery, it's you going under the knife. And it's not for a broken funny bone or butterflies in your stomach; you've got a tumor which needs to come out, and quick.