Our very own Lukas Kaiser tracked down Turkish Internet celebrity, Mahir Cagri. Mahir has been floating around the Internet since his personal website, IKissYou, blew up in 1999. Some of his interests include, "sport , swiming , basketball , tenis , volayball , walk" and he also "like to take foto-camera (amimals , towns , nice nude models and peoples)" His words, not ours. Most recently, Mahir has been in the news claiming that Borat is based on him. Naturally, he's not very happy with Sasha Baron Cohen. Here's his side of the story.

The following interview was conducted via email and none of Mahir's words have been changed. Also, he apparently thought CollegeHumor was a Swedish site. Don't ask why, we don't know.

Lukas Kaiser: How long have you had your mustache?

Mahir Cagri: l cant remember when l start mustache but l cut sometimes Im not by muctache nonstop but usally by muctache..

LK: Are you married? If not, do you have a girlfriend?

MC: Not lm single now l havent girl friend before l have… now l want marry if l can find real girl Mean who ll love real and who have good heart-who ll support me all life and who ll respect me who llove kids who love animal nature garden and cook sweet …..l want love my kids soon.

LK: Any new hobbies? Do you like YouTube?

MC: -Ohhh l have many hobies yes l like youtube but l cant visit often l interest now astronomy universium galaxy..l go poor area join help kids people ..l interest defective kids-people and help them…l interest nature animals take foto see l try go new are area about nature animals..l interest all religions and their people and learn their culture..l try learn more languae because l have many fans all countreis l want learn little swedish too.l join free about this activites they sent only ticket me and l stay their house guest all world ..and l go my fans friends house their countries see around together take pictures and live fun a few days l have many invitation same from all world my fans friends sent ticket me and wait their house country…la have many fans from sweden too l hope l can come stay their house a few days future and learn little swedish

LK: Who's your favorite musician?

MC: l like shakira and cher their voice and l like classic music.

LK: What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?

MC: I cant listen M?chael Jacson long time l know ony old songs..

LK: What is your favorite movie?

MC: Troya (We believe this is Turkish for 'Troy')

LK: Speaking of movies, have you seen Borat?

MC: l never meret Baron cohen he must need to meet with me because he imitate me he copy me he must agologize me and he must to want my permisson and give my rights. yes l watched his movie when l been london last week..This is not comedi I dont like his movie disgusting..he made fun about religion jewish he made fun aboout kazakistan cukture people THIS ?s not comedi you know comedian Jim carry -teddy williams Edd mory (we think he means Eddie Murphy) they do same Noooo anytime comedi face words body language same my life my body my words Comedi not make fun about religion-not make fun culture..borat want to be famous this way and he want to earn more money this way this is mistake way….he stolen my words-my custom-my identy this is not my opinion all world media said this before than me..for example the guardian..your can read it.

LK: Thanks Mahir!

MC: Thanks if u have othe qustions send me pls.. l ll come sweden soon too. see you.

More from Lukas at his site, LukasKaiser.com and more from Mahir at IKissYou.org.