Note: If you don't like comedy, you get offended easily and/or cant take a joke then you should probably not read any of my blogs

Lets begin with the one that just happend to me. I was in the middle of writing a blog titled "Compliments gone wrong" when I decided to use a capital letter (ex. instead of putting "i" I wanted to put "I") Now instead of using the Caps Lock key because I was only going to make one letter capitalized….I hit the shift key to make it from lower case to upper case and guess what happend? Its like some fucked up magic trick or something! Only this magic trick doesnt give you your shit back in the end! This has happend on numerious occasions and instantly makes me want to take my lap top and chuck it threw the window which will then piss me off more because my lap top will be brokenand the cops will probably be called because the neighbors heard someone break a damn window…see how little things like that can cause a major problem?

Another major problem is when I go to google…type in "myspace" go to the log in page and type in my e mail address "carly muther fuckin wilson is the shit @ you wish . com" and then my password "im still the shit" and then I wait for what seems to be hours for a page to come up that says "error". Of course…I do this repeatedly until I realize that which means I should have just slept all day because not loggin into myspace is like telling me I cant eat that day…I cant breathe that day. I CANT DO ANYTHING THAT DAY! (note: I did use caps lock for that sentence in fear of losing everything I had already typed…and that would have been a pretty important document gone missing from the worlds eyes)

Another thing that will piss me off easily is going into my bathroom and finding an on the damn toilet paper thingy. For one…if there is none left through the stupid ass thing out so I dont get my hopes up. For two (which is even worse) Do not leave one little, not even full size square, piece of toilet paper not even big enough to wipe a gerbles ass on the damn toilet paper roll. What the HELL am I going to do with that? It will just piss me off more invisioning myself taking ten rolls of toilet paper and shoving them up the ass of the person who left the toilet paper roll like that to begin with! Theres your F*&%^n toilet paper you schmuck!

on a huge college campus (like the one I go to) is a bitch as it is. Especially because the meters rape you and parking tickets rape and then murder you. Its one thing to fill up a parking meter with 5 million quarters…go to class….come back….and go home. But its another thing to fill up a parking meter full of quarters…come back one fraction of a second late and see a 15-40 dollar fine on your windshield! ARE YOU F*%^&N KIDDING ME?? Not only did I pay for the meter but I paid for the ticket that says that I didnt pay for the meter!! Then I get so mad I put the ticket in my glove box…forget about it..move on with my life and then….whats this?? A warrent for my arrest? The fine is now more than my rent all because I wanted to go to class?? F this im done with class…"Hey guys when you get my academic probation letter in the mail….let me know…thanks"….

This one should be common sense. If I dont answer at 3:00pm im probably not gonna answer it at 3:00pm and 30 seconds…or at 3:00 pm and 31 seconds or perhaps 3:01pm. I see that you called…I either A. dont give a shit B. dont want to talk to you or C. Im actually busy and 20 seconds after you call…guess what? Im still gonna be busy! Dont leave me 9879872394 voice mails and 2394729384 texts and yada yada yada. And of course misplacing my phone is a major problem for me. Technology is a huge problem…period! (but we will get into that later)

This kind of goes along with what I just said. People who send me privatemessages on myspace over and over and over. If I didnt respond to you for the first 204920 I probably will not for the second 247234720 cuz your startin to creep me out!! Didnt you see the note in my profile saying not to ask me for my number, my aim, to have sex, to meet up to anything!!!!! I dont have time to send messages to all the people who creep me out and say "hey you creep me out" If your mad at me cuz I dont want to talk to you then delete me off your friends and dont add me to begin with. Aight? Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful! Get a f'n hint (and let me tell you..even besides that fact…there are ….even after you spell shit out for them! Dont make yourself look like a fool people) Its like I want to take a piece of paper…write the word "hint" down and hand it to someone and when they say hint? Ill say yes…take it!

This is a new one for me…..the other day the in my room and bathroom. Of course the other roomates werent effected because was my room and my bathroom. Well…I went and turned the switch on the little power box thingy and I had power….for about 5 minutes until the switch…switched…back! It was time for bed and I am one of those freeks (in many ways) who sleep with the fan on! I have my fan on all cozy and my night light (yes im afraid of the dark) when…..the fan goes off and the light goes off! I get up outta bed…switch the switch back (say that 5 times fast you losers) and get back into bed…I probably did this 23 times until I just slept with all my shit off! Then of course had to go to class like a half hour later cuz it was an 8 am and I was up all damn night switching the switcher thing back. It was obviously broke….suddenly now it magically works but f'n a….that was messed up and annoying as hell. Especially when your tired!

Thats it for now. Im tired. Look for the Compliments gone wrong was pretty cool and im sure you can relate. Love you all. Peace (dont call my cell phone at odd hours of the night anymore. Thats another thing that pisses me off. I use that for my alarm clock and getting calls all night makes me mad and I lose sleep) xo