Name: Jil Marie

Year: Sophomore

School: Middlesex County College

Hometown: Roselle Park, NJ

Major: Communications/ English

Favorite Drink: Corona with a lime, please! Ohh & don't forget the bottle opener! ; )

What should I say to get you to like me: Make me laugh, say something goofy! Humor is the key to my heart.

What should I say if I don't like girls and I'm actually content to sit in my room playing DDR: Well hold on for just one sec…what is ddr, is that a video game? Can i play it with you?!?

Do you have a boyfriend: Me, myself, and I.

Cargo pants are still cool, true or false: On my guy, of course…Love all those little mystery pockets. Never know what there hiding in them…

What's your most embarrassing college moment: I went to class on the wrong day, sat down, and waited for class to start. Everyone was staring at me funny so I looked at my calendar really fast and noticed it was only monday. To top it off the proffessor asked me if I was a new student in the class. Lets just say I ran out of there pretty fast.

Spell oscilloscope, no cheating!: o…s…c…ok wait-Hold up- what was the word again!??

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