We all have/had that one teacher who just can't seem to hold onto your assignments. No matter what you do or say they just seem to lose it somewhere. You know, the guy who was probably a janitor last term but by some stretch of miracle has become an authority figure in class.

Maybe he/she slept with the Dean.Maybe he/she has revealing photos.Maybe he/she was the last resort when the previous teacher won the lottery and now sits at home in his/her bathrobe categorizing their "Girls Gone Wild" collection. In my case, one of my computer teachers has been having a hell of a time keeping track of my stuff…

Well 'The 15' this week are the best ways to ensure you'll always be ready in case your term paper has gone AWOL.

1) Print an extra copy for yourself.2) Email it to yourself.3) Post entire assignment as a Facebook note.4) Mail a copy to yourself.5) Press a printed copy into your favourite Yearbook, next to the comment of that hot chick who said she wanted you but last time you saw her time really hasn't agreed with her and now she looks like she hit every branch of the ugly tree when she fell out of it and bounced off a carefully positioned trampoline and hit all the branches again on the way up.6) Put it on a USB Key (or iPod).7) 3.5 inch floppy disc.8) Email it to him/her (you know, in case our computer teacher learns how to use email).9) Take an image of the assignment and use it as your Desktop Wallpaper.10) Forward it to your friends and family.11) Burn it to a CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW (+ and – formats acceptable).12) Use a copy as lining for your hamster cage.13) Time capsule it and bury it 10 feet South/South-East of your backyard sliding door (a flowerpot is acceptable if you live on Residence).14) Save it on the School Server, twice.15) Kindly and courteously ask him or her to stop losing our shit when they make their nightly stop at the Rippers!