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10 Fancy Ways to Call Someone an Idiot(Excerpted loosely from Vicious Vocabulary)

1. hebetating doltgetting more dull or stupid by the minute

2. fatuous foolstupid and content to stay stupid

3. benighted dweebsurrounded by darkness or ignorance

4. dim-witted Booboisiethe social class of stupid people

5. cross-eyed Grobianthe fictitious patron saint of idiots

6. umbrageous dopetoo easily offended

7. nescient nitwitignorant, lacking experience

8. solecistic doofustypified by making errors in grammar

9. sciolistic dingbatSciolism is an exhibition of bogus knowledge intended to mislead or impress; to be sciolistic is to have only a superficial knowledge of the facts.

10. gormless geekfails to pay attention; slow-witted

I thought some of you might find these amusing. These are loosely pulled out of my book Vicious Vocabulary published by Random House.