"You want my phone number? Well, I don't really give that out. I can give you my Myspace URL though. It's actually pretty funny, because the URL is part of this joke I saw in a movie once. Wait, where are you going?"

"Oh crap, this TV show is so awesome. You guys totally need to check out my review of this on my Myspace blog. Man, I was in the zone when I wrote that."

"That's a good point Professor Jones, I totally agree. It actually has a lot to do with my thesis about social networking. Yeah, hey, if anyone in class wants to read more, just visit my Myspace. You gotta add me to get the full story though. I bust out some pretty funny shit on those bulletins sometimes. Yeah, like you over there on your laptop, you could just add my right now if you wanted. It's totally up to you, man. I'm just saying."

"Oh my God, Brian. I haven't seen you since high school. It's been years! Did you add me yet?"

"Did I ever tell you guys about the time this hot chick totally groped me in the parking lot? I wrote about it on my blog. Yeah, on Myspace. It's pretty sweet. You gotta befriend me if you wanna read it though. Trust me, it's so worth it."

"This has been a really awesome first date Samantha. I think it's about time we went home to my apartment so you can be-friend me on Myspace. Yeah, I always keep my computer on all the time. It would only take a second to add…oh, well, I understand. Facebook? I don't really use that. Yeah, uh, it's probably best if I get going now."

"Welcome prospective freshmen! Over the course of our tour I'm going to tell you a lot about our cool little university here. But first, here's my Myspace URL. Yeah, we're pretty high-tech around here. I'm going to record our tour and you can all watch every second of it again on my profile. That's right, every second. It's practically a tradition to add me here."

"Oh hi, I'm the new guy here. Yeah, it's so cool working at Strack Industries. Listen, we should probably exchange Myspace profiles. You know, so we can stay in touch about work-related matters. Maybe discuss the Samberg report. Confidentiality agreement? Oh, I understand. Still, it's 2007, man."

"Mom, you read my Myspace?! That's private! Seriously, if you need to know something just call me. No, of course I made up that story about the prostitute. Ever hear of actually talking to someone in person before? Geeeez."