Take a look at what your favorite stars were like before they were famous!

Brad Pitt

Before he became one of the biggest movies stars in the world, Brad Pitt was just a regular high school student!

The Olsen Twins

Before we saw them on Full House, Mark Kate and Ashley were fraternal twin fetuses, formed in their mother's uterus when two seperate eggs were fertilized at the same time, producing two zygotes!

Sir Ian McKellen

Before he landed the huge role of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings at age 62, Ian McKellen was a British actor in his 50's!


Before he had America laughing with his first movie, "Borat," Borat was known as Ali G. and had a television show on HBO!

The California Raisins

Before they rocked the country with their soulful music, the California raisins were nothing more than small town grapes with dreams of stardom!

George Foreman

Before it revolutionized the way America cooks, the George Foreman was a very successful African American boxer.