Henry Hippo: So guys, what to do now?

Happy Hippo: EAT!

Henry Hippo: We did that already. A few minutes ago.

Homer Hippo: EAT!

Harry Hippo: EAT!

Henry: We literally just walked out of Chili's. We're standing in the parking lot. Can we please do something else?

Happy: …eat?

Homer: Eat?

Harry: EAT!

Henry: I'm not hungry. Let's go to the park or something.

Happy: EAT!

Harry: EAT! EAT!

Henry: Okay, now you're yelling at me… Maybe a movie?

Happy: Mov… movieat?

Harry: EAT!

Henry: Just forget it. Screw you guys.

Henry storms off

Happy: Wow, I think we really made him mad this time.

Homer: Oh, he'll get over it. Right, Harry?

Harry: EAT!