It's that time of the week again. See if you can rationalize a decision for any of the following WYR's and don't forget you can send your best WYR's to me at

Would You Rather…

  • Drink a cup of gasoline or a cup of cologne?
  • From Jon

  • Sleep with 3 Victoria Secret models and be forced to never tell anyone about it or spend a night in a hotel room just chatting to 3 Victoria Secret models and have the whole world think you slept with them?
  • From Bongani

  • Have someone steal your dog or hit your kid?
  • From Drew

  • Pull out all of your fingernails, one by one, or pull out your teeth, one by one?
  • Have a WYR or a Stupid Question accepted and put on CH?
  • From Matthew

  • Be hungover for the rest of your life or have an itch in that unreachable place on your back for the rest of your life?
  • Make out with George H. W. Bush or George W. Bush?
  • From Jeff

  • Have chicken legs that bend the wrong way or snore loudly every night?
  • Star in a porn and have to watch it with your parents or have your parents star in a porn and have to watch it with your friends?
  • From Chris

  • Always feel like theres a eyelash in your eye or a hair in your throat?
  • From Adam

  • Eat Shit and Die or Go Fuck Yourself?
  • From WHL

    And the best visual of the week goes to Kurt, for this one

  • Would you rather have two cantaloupe size testicles or 50 grape sized testicles?
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