6:23 Sleep through alarm set previous night, promise to rise with the sun tomorrow6:25 Wait for swearing roommate to finally turn alarm off8:06 Brew roasted Venezuelan coffee8:15 Skip shower, opt to instead wear beanie8:20 Head to class with only latest copy of New Yorker and Harper's Weekly8:30 Talk about Nietzsche

Dear Diary,I really impressed the girl sitting next to me in Theo 101. She saw me doing the Monday Times crossword and was like, "wow, you're really smart." And I was like, "Yeah, I am." But, I like I got a little too real for her when during class discussion I expounded my thoughts on how George Bush and his cronies probably planned that tsunami in Indonesia.

10:00 Appreciate Jim Morrison, but you know like only for his poetry10:32 Find homeless man screaming about Jesus, have a sitdown

11:17 Remove Shirt11:18 Do yoga on fountain in front of Union11:40 Eat brunch with the Ultimate Frisbee crew12:05 Decline invitation to smoke pot, cite as response, "I'm like going all natural, chemical free right now."12:06 Write poem

Ode to the Enlightened Soul

My soul is as twisted origamiI loath thee, God?I am Poseidon's razor-tipped tridentI will lance the devil's tsunami machine

2:00 Go to university library2:15 Update favorite Music and Books section on Facebook3:00 Write Poem for girl in Theo 101

Ode to my Future Lover

Fair haired beauty, you have my heart.I yearn to be on you,Like so many buttons on your backpack.I would die, if only to be with thee

4:35 Smell own fart; smile6:00 Find public place, meditate6:55 Announce return to dorm room to read Marx7:00 Secretly watch Family Guy8:00 Roommate returns, pretend like not masturbating8:09 Listen to jazz, loudly11:00 Set alarm clock, dream of gloriously swimming in sea of own fart