It's December which means, for freshman, you've been at school long enough to develop a new best friend. They are just like your high school best friend only you actually get to hang out with them because they go to your school.

It is also around this time that your high school friend will come visit you from his/her college. What results, will be a series of awkward situations in which your two best friends, old and new, will continuously butt heads. It will go a little something, like this.

Upon Arrival:

High School Best Friend: Hey, you know what we should do tonight? Rent "Dumb and Dumber" We haven't done that in years! It'll be like old times.

College Best Friend: We don't like that movie. Right?

You: I mean, its okay. I promised college best friend we'd go to their friends' party.

High School BF: Yeah I guess we can do that.

College BF: You talk weird.

At the party:

High School BF: Doesn't that guy look like Chris?

You : Haha, Kinda.

College BF: Who's Chris?

High School BF: None of your business.

You: Our other friend from back home.

College BF: "Back Home" sucks. Let's get some drugs.

After the Party, At some Diner:

High School BF: I can't believe its 5am.

You: I know.

College BF: I can't believe you think this is late. We go out partying much later than this. Last night we were out till 5:15.

High School BF: I didn't say its late, I just said I couldn't believe its 5am already.

College BF: Why don't you eat your fucking pancakes and shut up already.

You : (mouthing to High School BF) I'm sorry.

High School BF: I didn't even order pancakes… Yet.

The Next Morning:

College BF: Hey lets go get food

High School BF: It's 6am…

College BF: I can't believe you think this is early. Last week we got up at 5:30.

You: It's true. I'm incredibly tired all the time.

High School BF: Okay you guys can go, I'm gonna keep sleeping.

College BF: Great, nobody invited you anyways, dumb bitch.

Upon Departure:

You: Bye, thanks so much for visiting.

High School BF: It was so nice seeing you

College BF: Can we go? I'm bored.

You: Yeah. I'll see you later.

High School BF: Bye I miss you already!!

You: Bye, I miss you too.

In summation, you can see how awkward it is having two best friends. The trick is to get rid of your high school best friend as soon as possible. In all honesty, your college friend was right. "Back home" does suck and your old best friend is kinda lame. So what if you're a little tired? At least you're not some loser who flies thousands of miles to visit somebody that doesn't even like them anymore.

Awesome, now lets get some drugs!