Let's face it, AIM is getting outdated. For the last couple years it's been the same old boring feel. I've got some ideas to spark it up a little, make it a bit more "college."

New Default Away Messages

The old ones were just way too boring:Default Away Message: I am away from my computer right now.Playing Game: I am not available because I am playing a computer game that takes up the whole screen.

I'd like to suggest some more practical ones"

  • J-ing one off in the shower
  • I am not available because I'm a humongous loser and I play full screen video games all day at school
  • Pooping
  • Seeing if it's humanly possible to give myself head
  • Getting' shitty wit' my girlz
  • Procrastinating on YouTube
  • Porn break
  • Writing a paper" NOT! I'M DRINKING hahahaha" soooo college of me
  • New Functions

    Backsies – Have you ever sent something to a girl and regretted it, like 3 seconds later? Well with AIM – College Edition worry no more. The newer version allows to you take back what you just said within a 3 second span. Still don't get it?

    Exhibit A:

    xxxCutieKatxxx: ur so rad Todd lets stay 2getha 4everoxoRadToddoxo: ur a psycho kat

    oxoRadToddoxo: shit sorry babe I dont mean it

    xxxCutieKatxxx: ur an assholexxxCutieKatxxx signed off

    Exhibit B:

    xxxCutieKatxxx: ur so rad Todd lets stay 2getha 4everoxoRadToddoxo: lets bang

    xxxCutieKatxxx: be there in 5

    See how it works? If you make a stupid mistake, just click the "Backsies" button and all is well.


    Remember SmarterChild? Well if you don't it was this computer robot program that you could talk to and ask anything. It's loads of fun, but SmarterChild was a little prude. We all have those moments, sitting in front of our computers, bored out of our mind because no one's online at 3 in the morning. With CyberGirl, cybering has never been more fun than with a computerized central processing unit located on the 7th floor of an industrial complex in Denver, Colorado.