The end of College Football has come, and bowl season is now upon us. Finally, a year without BCS Controversy — the system got it right! A definite #1 vs. #2. No complaints.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are very honored to have Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr to give us his Bowl Game Predictions:

Emerald Bowl: Florida State vs. UCLAYou know, I like UCLA in this one. Their defense looked great against USC and I can't believe 4 coaches had Michigan fourth in their polls. Fourth? Are you joking me? Bowl: South Florida vs. East CarolinaIf this is anything like the KFC Chicken Mashed Potato bowl this should game should be delicious, and unhealthy. Speaking of delicious, I know about 10 million people who would want a second helping of Michigan/Ohio State and this "BCS" system deprives them of that. Simply unfair.

Gaylord Hotels Music City: Clemson vs. KentuckyThe only two teams I could think of that would be too offended to actually play in a bowl game with "Gaylord" in the title are Clemson and Kentucky. Although I'm sure if Urban Meyer campaigned for the name to be changed to the Michigan Sucks bowl, that would happen in a heartbeat. I'm sure everybody would just love that.

AT&T Cotton Bowl: Auburn vs. NebraskaThat's weird. Auburn beat Florida. Doesn't that make them the best team in the nation? Why are they in the Cotton Bowl? I mean, the team we lost to is ranked number 1, but the team that beat Almighty Florida is ranked… ninth? But I mean, Urban Meyer is probably right, they did play a tough schedule… I think they played the Buckeyes in Ohio State even. No, no that was us…

FedEx Orange Bowl: Louisville vs. Wake ForestI mean, it's one thing if USC won and they were playing in the Championship game. That's fine, they were ranked above us. But for Florida to leap us like that by beating a team ranked worse than we are? That's just unbelievable. Where is the logic in that?! How is that scientific??

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs. OklahomaYou prepare, and you prepare, and you prepare, and for what? For a fucking Rose Bowl bid? To play some overrated piece of shit team who can't even make it out of the Pac 10 with less than two losses? We are 11-1 for chrissakes. What the hell is the matter with you people!?

Allstate Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame vs. LSUIf everybody out there promises not to watch a single bowl game until we are put into the championship game, the NCAA will have to let us do it. Otherwise they'll lose millions! Promise me, faithful reader. Promise me you'll do this!

Rose Bowl: USC vs. MichiganWhere are you going!? Why aren't you promising!? Wait, comeback, let's be blood brothers! Give me your hand brother, take my hand in yours. Let me prick your finger so that our DNA is one. Yes… feel your blood in mine, brother. As far as God is concerned we are the same human. Our hearts beat as one.

Tostitos BCS Championship Game: Florida vs. Ohio StateOne heart. One mind. One goal: Promise me you'll write a letter to the NCAA promising a boycot. Promise me!! PROMISE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—-

All right, that was Lloyd Carr ladies and gentleman, what can I say, it's been a rough week. Good luck to everybody this Bowl season, and remember, just making it to a bowl game is a victory in itself.

From a Distance: Promise Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!