Year: Junior

School: University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire

Hometown: Shakopee, MN

Major: Advertising

Favorite Drink: Bacardi and Diet Cherry Coke

What type of lines work on you: I am definitely a sucker for a good sense of humor. I am also supposed to plug my friend Ryan O'Neil who is known for his fool proof pick up lines.

What type of lines do not: Anything cocky, chauvinistic, or just plain cheesy.

They say purple is the new pink, am I gay for knowing that: I'm going to play it safe and say you are secure with your sexuality" ?

What's your most embarrassing college moment: Well that would have to be the time I was visiting some friends at the University of Minnesota my freshman year. We were at my friend's older brother's house and I was talking on the phone. I was apparently in my own little world because without thinking I took a step backwards" right down, what I would like to call, a "hidden" flight of stairs in front of everyone. After it was determined that I would suffer no serious injuries, my friends all got a good laugh at my clumsiness, and I walked away with a bruised ego, a bruised back, and an early night on a rather uncomfortable futon.

Guts or Double Dare: After witnessing a good imitation of Double Dare contestants this year for Halloween, physical challenges and all, I am going to have to side with DD.

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