Just answer the questions below to see if you're going to go greek next semester, or if you'll continue to lead a normal life outside of a large organization composed entirely of people of the same gender!

Your Facebook profile lists you as looking for:
A Relationship (0 points)
Friendship (1 point)
Random Play (2 points)
Whatever I can get (3 points)

How do you feel about funny-looking, non-latin alphabets?
They're stupid (0 points)
Indifferent (1 points)
I didn't know there were other alphabets, but I might be persuaded to use one of them if they used triangles for letters (2 points)
I want to put them on everything I own (3 points)

How much school spirit do you have?
I respect the education my school provides me, but don't see the point in pledging any allegiance to them beyond that (0 points)
I go to a couple of football games a semester and cheer for our team (1 point)
I'm the mascot. I've probably done 1,000 cartwheels in my school's honor by now. (2 points)
I eat nothing but food dyes so I can sh*t out my school's colors (3 points)

What's missing from your life?
Self-fulfillment (0 points)
Friends (1 point)
Daily Hazings (2 points)
Exclusive theme parties where everyone is WASTED! (3 points)

When you drink alcohol you prefer to be:
In a nice, quiet church (0 points)
In a loud basement (1 point)
Upside-down, in a loud basement (2 points)
Upside-down, in a loud basement, surrounded by people chanting "drink!" (3 points)

What's wrong with your current friends?
They're a little too wild for me (0 points)
They don't want to join any intramural sports with me (1 point)
Sometimes they study and they're never drunk all the time (2 points)
They don't quote movies for as many years as they should. Come on guys, our Old School impersonations were just starting to get good! (3 points)

When you see someone you know in public, how would you like them to greet you?
Smile, wave and say "Hi" (0 points)
Yell your name (1 point)
In their best Borat voice, request a high five (2 points)
Chase you, tackle you to the ground and dry hump the sh*t out of you (3 points)

You are most easily persuaded by:
Books! (0 points)
Video games (1 point)
Texas Hold'em tournaments (2 points)
Free food and strippers (3 points)