I've always admired mountain men there's something to be said for being so rugged and living off the land. However, there currently is no Mountain Man major at any College or University in our great nation, I think this is a grave oversight on the part of the administration. I would like everyone who is passionate about this issue to band together with me and petition their university to add a "Mountaineering & Mountain Survival" major to the programs they currently offer.

Imagine Classes like MMS 101 Introduction to the Life of Mountain Men. Or upper division courses like MMS 352 How to Skin River Otters Properly in Order to Maintain their Economic Value. The capstone course could be MMS 489 How to Build Your Log Cabin w/ Just Beard, Sweat, & Tears.

This would be the look you would acheive after taking MMS 301 Developing the Iconic Mountain Man Look (Special Focus on Beard Growing)

Petitions can start with simple things like sending your University provost and president coon skin caps with letters expressing your interest in starting a program designed to produce "strong and self-suficient Mountain Men." If these tactics do not succeed we can always resort to the use of a mountain man's greatest tool, the rifle. Nothing is more effective at getting things done then simply sticking a gun in someones face.

Imagine the glorious potential outcomes of starting a Mountain Man program:
A Mountain Man Frat House:
Pro: A raging kegger at a cabin in the woods is a lot harder for the cops to break up and there are no neighbors to call the cops in the first place.
Con: Keeping your newly grown beard out of your beer (though perhaps someone can use this to develop a new drinking game?)